What’s Proposed

95% of the Bond will Address Growth

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New Schools for Growth

9-10 Elementary Schools
Would accommodate an additional 7,500 elementary students.

4-5 Middle Schools
Would accommodate an additional 6,600 middle school students.

2 High Schools
Would accommodate an additional 6,000 high school students.


Projects to Support Growth & Programs

Purchases buses to accommodate student growth and additional routes.

Performing Arts/Staff Development Center
Would provide adequate audience and performance space for fine arts programs and special events in addition to dedicated space for professional learning and teacher training,

Natatorium #2
Would be built after High School #4 to serve the growing student population.

Administration/Support Services Building
Would provide office and collaboration space for central office and support staff as well as house other district operations.


Capital Improvement Projects

Safety & Security
All campuses would be equipped with modern safety and security systems.

Technology Infrastructure
Technology infrastructure would be updated and enhanced across the district by adding fiber, generators and additional system upgrades.

Instructional Technology
Equipment and devices would be updated throughout the life of the bond program.

Communication Systems
Communication systems would be updated across the district by upgrading phone and emergency communication equipment.

Playground Replacements
Playground structures and surfaces would be replaced to provide safe, modern play areas for
elementary students.

Heating & Air Conditioning Systems at Aging Campuses
Aging HVAC systems would be replaced at the end of their life cycle to provide appropriate climate in classrooms and schools.


Land for Future School Sites

Purchase land for schools in 2019 Bond + additional future school sites, if funds allow.